Description of Cover Place


Let you take a trip into the dark past or even into the dark future of the our planet…we would like to show you ‚Cover Place’, 1200m2 of unique, mysterious atmosphere.
This underground complex was built in the early 70’s and is situated under the park in the Freyova street (Vysocany, Praque 9), where the main entrance into the complex is also situated.
Entrance itself is very unique. A small portal in the middle of the park conceals the huge cavernous space hidden below. A long, narrow, curved corridor will lead you through the labyrinth of chambers and hiding spaces whose original purposes now seem scary and sinister. A perfect piece of engineering, this atomic bunker really deserves admiration down to the last screw. Built as an embodiment of two of the strongest human emotions – fear and survival instinct – which have driven mankind since the dawn of time.

You can’t describe the atmosphere in words, it is simply something you must experience yourself…

‚Cover Place‘ is dominated by 3 large chambers, all air conditioned.

  • Long entrance hall
  • Changing chambers
  • 2 main large chambers, possible to connect
  • 1 large chill out chambers
  • Chamber for a broadcaster
  • Chamber for personnel
  • Connecting corridors and smaller chambers